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Posted on March 23, 2016


The very first conversation I had on day 1 with Frostbite was simple and direct......this will not be easy......several of you will not make it to the end and level 5 is not for everyone. Shocking words, but a truth I cannot hide as they begin their ascent into the ranks. From that moment on we have made them realize exactly what those words meant. They struggled, pushed and were driven by their coaches to understand what their potential could be. Each suffered injuries, dealt with mental blocks and their own personal limitations of the day yet they continued to push forward.

During this process I presented them with a choice as we prepared for nationals season......they could compete as a brand new and very young level 5 team with some clear limitations or they could compete as a strong and high scoring level 4 team. The answer did not take long to surface as they unanimously agreed the tough road was the one for them.

They eventually walked into one of the biggest events in our sport and represented themselves as a level 5 team. Day 1 went well and they surprised even themselves as they were in 2nd place going into day 2. For such a young and green team going against veteran senior teams from larger gyms this was a great accomplishment. Day 2 was another great day but with some mistakes that allowed them to drop to 4th.

I make sure to never promise a win. We do not control all the variables for that to be secured. We do promise work.....integrity....sacrifice, and a commitment to something bigger than yourself. These athletes put all they had into the team and the real reward is standing on this side of it knowing you fought the good fight, you chose the hard road, and you are stronger for it. Can't wait for next year!!

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