Thank you for your interest in the Alaska All-stars Cheerleading program. While our business organization is new, our training system and staff is not. We have won numerous local and National Titles over the past 10 years. Our collective experience includes coaching the first West Coast team to win a Cheersport level 5 National Title as well as the first in the Northwest to win a full paid bid to the Cheerleading World Championships. For the past 7 years our teams have won bids to this prestigious event.

We currently have teams ranging from Levels 1-5, ages 3-18+ years. Our teams are always highly competitive within their respective divisions. We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable and dedicated staff available who is determined to create the finest training in the All-Star industry. We teach our students to excel in all areas of cheerleading and strongly believe that our success originates from the dedication and commitment of our athletes and parents. Our students are self driven and motivated to achieve their goals. We encourage positive attitudes and respectful behavior among our students while developing the best squads possible, as well as instill qualities and values that last a lifetime.